Biblical ManhoodThis spring, Grace Covenant PCA of Williamsburg, VA brought together 83 men, ranging from teenagers to college students to graduate students to single thirty-somethings to fathers and grandfathers, for a three-hour Saturday morning seminar on Rediscovering Biblical Manhood. The seminar, conducted by PCA Men’s Ministry Coach Gary Yagel, was what one participant called “a great opportunity for males of all ages to get a perspective on masculinity in our current culture.” Beginning with Genesis 2, the men compared what American culture is saying about masculinity with the mandate God gave Adam to live in the garden to “work it” and “keep it.”

Other sessions included a panel of Grace Covenant members discussing In the Dance with Woman What Does Authentic Manhood Look Like? Later in the morning, fathers and grandfathers were particularly challenged to consider What a Son Needs to Grow into Authentic Manhood. After lunch, the seminar closed with a look at Jesus: God’s Portrait of Manhood.

Over the lunch break, Gary met with the Grace Covenant men’s ministry leadership team to give suggestions and encouragement that was tailored to the unique needs of the congregation.

The impact of the seminar has been multi-faceted. The leadership is already planning a future event to discuss the topics raised in their time together. One elder reported that a participant picked up a copy of the book, Intimacy: God’s Design for Marriage, and was working to apply the principles in his marriage, to include a long-overdue date with his wife. In reflecting on the day, one man commented, “The material in this seminar meets a vital need in the church.”

We praise God for his blessing on the seminar and especially for the daily efforts of the leaders who are on the front lines of men’s ministry. If you would like information about hosting a Rediscovering Biblical Manhood seminar, call Gary Yagel at 301.570.5097 or go to his website

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