Men’s Fraternity. More and more of our churches are finding that their men are responding very positively to this video material done by Robert Lewis. Here are a few contacts with churches that have used it:

Covenant Life PCA Sarasota, FL Dave Enslow

Covenant Pres Harrisonburg, VA: Jim Blair

Park Cities Pres, Dallas: Pete Deison

Retreat Speaking and Seminars for Men.

TE Pete Alwinson, Dangerous Freedom,

TE Gary Yagel, Recovering Biblical Manhood, Winning at Home, Becoming A Band of Brothers

TE Harvey Kirkpatrick Grace and Men Conferences

Sexual Purity Resources

Harvest USA, Seminars and printed materials

Samson Society, Regional Support Groups

Stonegate Ministries, Seminars & printed materials

Grace Transformed Sexuality, seminar & men’s study

Men’s Ministry Coaching

Dave Enslow, Next Steps For Men,

Gary Yagel, Forging Bonds of Brotherhood,

Man In the Mirror

Through CEP, the PCA has entered into a partnership with Man In the Mirror. They have excellent materials. Pat Morley is a graduate of RTS Orlando, and has had a long standing relationship with Orangewood PCA. David Delk and Brett Clemmer, the number 2 and 3 men at MIM are both PCA members and involved in the men’s ministry at their churches. Their website is