2011 GAUpcoming General Assembly: Three Ways to Assist You to Build a Strong Men’s Ministry

1. Come by the PCA Men’s Ministry Exhibit (booth 331) to meet Harvey Kirkpatrick of the Gospel Man Fellowship, Dave Enslow of Next Steps For Men, and Gary Yagel the PCA men’s ministry coach.

2. Attend the Wednesday morning seminar led by Gary Yagel, Reaching the Heart of A Man. Description: Jesus had no problem attracting men. Fishermen dropped nets full of fish to follow him but sometimes we can’t get the men of our churchto drop their remote controls to be involved in our ministries. This seminar examines how God has hard-wired the masculine soul and how we can present Christ’s call to discipleshipto boys and men in a way that more fully engages their hearts.

3. Pick up a free copy of the men’s small group study, Grace Transformed Sexuality, at the PCA Men’s Ministry exhibit booth. Here is what is being said about this study: “I’ve been going through GTS with some of my high school guys. It is the best thing I’ve ever read on this topic. I need 15 more copies.” Derrick Harris, Youth Pastor, McLean Pres. “This material is excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent!” Chris Braddy, LtCol USMC Ret, Ruling Elder, Crossroads PCA, Woodbridge, VA.

Grace and Men Conferences: (Formerly called Gospel Man Conferences.) Grace and Men regional conferences were held in Gainesville, FL in February, in Atlanta in April, and in Annapolis in May. Regional conferences schedule for 2012:

Feb 4, 2012: Newark, NJ/NYCity: Nate Larkin : Grace Presbyterian Church

Jan 20-21, 2012: Orlando, FL: Nate Larkin & Ray Cortese: Orangewood Presbyterian Church

Apr 27-28, 2012: Atlanta, GA: Scotty Smith & Tullian Tchividjian: Perimeter Church

The Gospel Man fellowship has begun to offer a downsized conference to the local church, called, Grace and Men to You. The first was held at Covenant PCA in Chattanooga, TN in February. Such conferences work well in house or in the form of a retreat. For more information, visit the Gospel Man website.

New Reaching Every Man Trainer: Dave Enslow, the Executive Director of Next Steps for Men, has become a Field Network Trainer with Man In the Mirror. He has led the men’s ministry at Covenant Life Pres in Sarasota, FL for many years and is a highly qualified trainer and presenter of the PCA-approved seminar, Reaching Every Man. This excellent training is designed to equip your whole men’s ministry leadership team to build an effective, sustainable disciple-making ministry to men. Over 250 leaders from 8 PCA presbyteries have taken this training. For information about this training, visit the Next Steps for Men website.

Raising A Modern Day Knight: On Saturday night, Feb 26th, eight Christian Dads and their pre-teen sons met together for an informal ceremony to challenge the boys to grow up to be godly men. Each Dad gave public praise to his son for the young man he is becoming. The boys were challenged to live by a four-part code of honor: live pure, speak truth, right wrong, follow the King.The boys were then given a certificate to mount on their wall with their name and the call to authentic manhood.This call is to reject passivity, accept responsibility, and lead courageously.This was the follow-up action taken after the video series, “Raising a Modern Day Knight” at McLean Pres this past fall. Imagine the impact of this event in the lives of twelve boys, motivating them to pursue godly masculinity!

RTS Orlando Seminary Class on Men’s Ministry: Dr.Pete Alwinson, the founding pastor of Willow Creek Presbyterian Church in Winter Springs, FL has been teaching a course on effective men’s ministry for MDiv students. Pete is on the board of Man In the Mirror and has grown a substantial church on a model that stresses the discipleship of men.

More and More Churches Using Men’s Fraternity: More and more PCA churches have been showing the Men’s Fraternity DVD series, beginning with The Quest for Authentic Manhood. Here are just a few of the many PCA churches using it:

Covenant PCA, Harrisonburg, VA

Evangelical Pres, Annapolis, MD

Broadneck PCA, Arnold, MD

Park Cities PCA, Dallas, TX

To find out more about this ministry and how it fits into the PCA, read this article.