Studies reveal that 50-65 % of Christian men have significant problems with pornography and the problem is getting worse. Because most of the men in our churches are not equipped to battle lust from a grace-centric perspective, thousands are sliding down the steep slope towards pornography addiction.

forgingbonds.jpgGrace is the only force strong enough to overcome men’s toxic shame over their sexual lust and potent enough to change the heart desires that lead them into sexual sin. At the 2010 PCA General Assembly, Gary Yagel, The PCA Men’s Ministry Coach, led a seminar that identifies 7 grace-based principles, which change a man’s heart and his battle with lust. Now, the PowerPoint of this presentation is available to you for free (click here) and the audio of his presentation is available for $2 at Barker Productions.

Gary has shared these truths with over 20 churches in the PCA and received overwhelmingly positive responses (Check it out here). Here are a few, comments about the GA presentation. “Your presentation was excellent,” “Gary, I’ve gone to many presentations on sexual purity at GA over the years. Yours was the best presentation I’ve seen.”

In the Internet world of the 21st century, we must not wait to address this challenge until some frantic wife calls the pastor, because she caught her husband using porn, or a broken man asks for a Christian counselor who deals with addictions. Our strategy must be to equip all the men in our churches to fight the battle with sexual lust, before they slide down that slippery slope into a full blown addiction. Please download this PowerPoint, improve upon it, make it your own, and use it to help your men and young men!