The Basics of the Faith series (published by P&R – each 30-40 pages) are on relevant topics for Christians to study on doctrine, the Christian life, and church related topics. CDM, with the aide of the authors, has written Leader’s Guides to help anyone wanting to lead a study with an individual or group. The student version is designed to be worked through before reading the text and for taking notes during the meeting. If you’re interested in downloading these free resources, select the book you want on the left-hand panel below and then click the links found to the right of the book cover.

11682What is Mercy Ministry?

by Philip Graham Ryken & Noah Toly

9399What is Perseverance of the Saints?

by Michael A. Milton

8611What is the Christian Worldview?

by Philip Graham Ryken

11353What is the Doctrine of Adoption?

by Michael A. Milton

hellWhat is Hell?

by Robert Peterson & Christopher Morgan