The following books are available from the PCA Bookstore

Revelation: Let the One Who is Thirsty Come, by Sarah Ivill
Sarah’s desire for women to discover the “meat” of God’s Word is evident, guiding the student to discover the truths of Revelation through studying all of Scripture and focusing on Jesus Christ. A PCA Director of Women’s Ministry noted, “(Sarah) shows with clarity and without a doubt that the one writer of all Scripture could only be God the Holy Spirit himself, because of the wonder and grandeur of the Holy Scriptures on full display through her careful explanation of the text.” Each chapter contains questions, aims, and application that aid in mining the truths of the passage and then putting those truths into action in one’s daily walk. (21 lessons)

Psalms, Volume 2: Finding the Way to Prayer and Praise by Kathleen Nielson
A welcomed new study to follow Psalms: Songs along the Way. For those who have taught her past studies, note that Kathleen has added a new element to this one. In each lesson, the author guides a study of a psalm, providing the tools that the student then implements in discovering God’s Word on her own in a second psalm with a similar theme. This method will enrich individual study along with discussion of the passage with other Bible study members.  (12 lessons)

Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament Series by Nancy Guthrie:
A PCA pastor describes these studies as: “User-friendly, biblically reliable, theologically astute, enthusiastically sensible, encouragingly realistic, and Christ-centered…”

Each study helps build community as the group shares discoveries and Nancy’s insight of the scriptures in the lesson.

Teacher adaptability:

  • Can do lesson with or without DVD; teaching chapter is in the book
  • Good homework gives students the background for the teaching lesson; can be used in discussion
  • 10-12 good discussion questions
  • Leader’s guide can be downloaded and printed from Nancy’s website—no extra purchase
  • Leader is actually a facilitator; Nancy teaches it!

CEP Publications by Dennis Bennett, Vickie Poole, and Morgan Jones: Each of these studies leads the student through searching the Scripture, commentary, and the challenge of application to one’s own Christian walk.

Judges: The Battle for Satisfaction
The newest of CEP’s publication by these authors, this study reminds the Christian that the battles in Judges are still the ones we wage today: being deceived into thinking that the things of this world can satisfy instead of looking to God Who alone can give us the satisfaction we crave. (11 lessons)

The Other Side of Christmas: We See a Wooden Manger: God Saw a Wooden Cross
Look beyond the secular Christmas that the world celebrates today. Study the Christmas story as God’s plan of loving redemption, planned from the beginning and unfolded throughout biblical history, and culminating with the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ. You might be surprised at how much you don’t know about Christmas! (Can be done in as few as 4 sessions or as many as 10).

Titus: Passing on the Truth; Equipping the Body
Discipleship—a lot of instruction packed in 46 verses. Learn how to “teach and demonstrate”:

  • What the church should look like
  • How it should disciple its people
  • How Christians should live before a lost and needy world

(9 lessons)