The teens in your church are total Bible experts, right?

The latest survey data says that 85% of American homes have a Bible in them-and, on average, each home has 4.5 Bibles.

Let’s do the math: 85% of 311 million American homes is about 264 million … times 4.5 Bibles per home …. That is 1,189,575,000 Bibles in America. And that doesn’t even count the ones online, on phones, in stores, etc…

So that means the teens in your church are total Bible experts … right? But can they articulate thoughtful responses to these questions:

  • What makes the Bible unique?
  • How can you be sure it’s God’s Word?
  • What’s the point of poetry or prophecy?
  • What’s the big story of the Bible?
  • And most important: What’s the Bible all about? Or, even better, WHO is the Bible all about?

So What?The newest study in the So What? youth Bible study series, Treasuring God’s Word, is designed to help your students explore the Bible from beginning to end, to grow in their love for Christ, who is the Word, and to understand how to apply it to their lives.

The first three sessions are devoted to the Bible itself: what makes it unique, how we can trust it, and the internal and external evidences for its accuracy and reliability.

Next, students look at the big story of the Bible using key words and icons-studying its storyline from beginning to end in just three sessions. That’s the whole Bible in three weeks! It’s a great way to get a “big picture” view of the Bible. Whether for students who are very familiar with the Bible or new Christians who need help piecing it all together, these sessions will give them a handle on the who, what, when, where, and why of God’s rescue plan through Christ.

In the third unit, teenagers will study four types of literature: narrative, poetry, prophecy, and letters. This important section will teach them how to read different genres and learn how to interpret and apply each to their lives.

The last three sessions focus on applying the Word. As James writes, “Be doers of the Word and not hearers only.” Teens will see how knowing the big story of the Bible is an effective way to share the good news of Christ with others.

Youth leaders can use these 13 sessions for three months or easily break it into three- and four-week chunks because each unit has its own study booklet.

At the end of each study session is a devotional journaldesigned to get students into God’s Word during the week. It’s also a great tool for midweek meetings. Students may use these devotional questions to apply and pray through the truths they learned in Scripture during the session.

For more than 50 years, Great Commission Publications has served the church with biblical resources. Interactive, flexible, dynamic-the So What? youth Bible studies are designed to help teens take ownership of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Our ultimate objective is to see Christ’s church strong and prospering … filled with believers who “glorify God and enjoy him forever”!

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